Phase 2


    Repair             Renovate          Improve

  • Your Dream Home Feature & Style
  • The way you want it
  • Affordable Equity

Achieve  Affordable Home Ownership - on your own but not alone!

Home Buyer



                      The Affordable Low Risk Way to Make The Next Home You Own Your Very Own

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  • Livable Home
  • Semi finished
  • Potential Improvements

Your story begins here ...

Phase 1

Bank Financing


Renovation Mortgage

Remodel              Upgrade               Finish

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Green Tree Solutions
P.O. Box 61
New Palestine, IN 46163

Buy As-Is                               Improved Condition                Completed

  • Needs Work
  • Good Location
  • Bargain Value


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reen Tree Solutions

Seller Financing


Installment Agreement

Phase 1

1. Enroll with the "Partnering" Program.

      a. Choose the home you want.

      b. Set up your financing.

2. Execute a  conditional Purchase Agreement.

3. Initial Improvements are completed.

4. Initial closing is held, and you move in.

Phase 2

1. Apply for Bank Financing / Renovation Mortgage.

2. Plan your own style upgrades and personalized finishes

3.  Phase 2 Improvements are completed to your full satisfaction.

4. Final closing is held, and you assume full legal title.

5. Enjoy your completed and personalized home. Grow the equity. Have a nice life!