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Introducing Green Tree Administrative Services, LLC

We are Real Estate service professionals proving real client solutions!

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Principle Licensed# RB 14039195

Now you can enjoy hassle free contract and administrative escrow services! 

If you own rental property, are selling or buying via Contract for Deed, or if you consider investing in real estate, you deserve the Peace of Mind available with Green Tree Administrative Services, LLC.

Our service will administer and accurately register and report the details of monthly housing payments, cover hazard insurance premiums, and pay property taxes from escrow accounts. All receipts are timely collected and reliably reported. Whether Contracts for Sale, Loans, Rental Agreements, or Escrow Accounts, all are professionally managed on your behalf.

As needed, Green Tree Administrative Services, LLC will engage third party CPA service providers who specialize in real estate, and tax reporting. Transparent and track able income and expense records assure all our clients of timely contract compliance. Tax advantages are legitimately maximized. You receive checks and statements online, or in the mail.

Green Tree Administrative Services, LLC provides reliable professional services ... so you can enjoy life!

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