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 Who Is Green Tree Solutions?

We are Real Estate service professionals proving real client solutions!

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Principle license: RB14039195

Green Tree is a different kind of real estate marketing service and real estate brokerage providing our clients with win-win solutions within Indy Metro's real estate sellers and buyer's market.

                              Jim Bardes, Green Tree Solutions, Inc.

                            Managing Broker, Green Tree Solutions, Inc.   

                            State Licensed  2001 - Present (16 years)

Over 15 years experience with residential real estate in the Indy Metro area. Jim manages Green Tree Solutions for guaranteed client satisfaction with the service effort made Green Tree's affiliates provide hassle free sales/ marketing, professional property management, affordable seller financing, " Do-It-Yourself" mortgage readiness, contracting, and various advisory services.

Reliable, professional real estate solutions ... so you can enjoy life!

We find that our new real estate clients are often

faced with unexpected difficulty in an unpredictable

and competitive marketplace. The solutions Green Tree 

provides are based on many years of professional

experience and our network of service professionals.

For every challenging home sale situation, we believe there is at least one or more win-win solutions. No matter the home's location, feature, condition, or financing issues, we offer Multiple solutions to get Home Sellers and Buyers together quickly, at the best available price.

  •   Selling As-Is to minimize seller expense and to get on with your life
  •   Selling Creatively - for win-win deals structured to meet the needs of all parties involved
  •   Selling Traditionally - for maximum marketing exposure of move-in-ready homes


Green Tree Solutions look forward to understanding your situation, and showing you our best recommendations, whenever you buy or sell enabling you to get the best available price, and to move forward right away.

We focus on providing reliable, professional real estate

                                               solutions ... so our clients can enjoy life!

     When you have questions, we have Answers 

  that will move you forward!