A. Traditional Bank Mortgage

     -FHA and Conventional

B. Non-Traditional Mortgage

Home Buyer Financing Alternatives


Must Meet

Underwriting Requirements

Subject Property Must Inspect and Appraise

Initial Cash Required

Timeframe to Close After Purchase Agreement

      3.5 - 10%                           Yes                                   Yes                        40 - 45 days

      3.5 - 20%                            Yes                                  Yes                        45 - 60 Days

      Negotiable                          Yes                                  Yes                        15 - 30 days 


         100%                                  NA                                    None                         5 -10 days



reen Tree

Realty Solutions, Inc.


           C. Seller Financing

                  -Private Mortgage

                  - Contract for Deed

                  - Lease Option

D. All Cash


Now you can know in advance what is affordable, and whether you’ll be able to:

1. Qualify for financing

2. Afford the home you want

3. Finance desired improvements

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