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STEP 1 Initial Review:Talk with your representative and receive a written

recommendation of what is available and affordable. Buyers and Lenders gain a

clear understanding of one another's strengths, and a trust relationship is established.

STEP 2 Decision: Based on your current qualifications, and recommendations made from the data reviewed, everyone is able to make enlightened decisions about the best financing options alternatives available.

STEP 3 Transaction:You can move forward with secure, affordable, professionally developed financing. Buyers become Owners. All parties are satisfied.

Our consultative approach involves you in an initial telephone interview with one of our professional financing affiliates. Clients are provided with a written "Summary of Recommendations" directing them to specific funding options. Finally, with your approval, applications are submitted, and services proceed.

Funding Options Include:

1. Traditional Bank Financing:Conventional mortgage arrangements, or equity lines of credit

2. Private Equity Funding:Unique, and " Out-of-the-Box" solutions

3. Seller Financing:Land Contract, or Lease with Option to Purchase

4. Special Program Financing:Renovation Financing , Investor and Commercial programs

5. Credit Building:Services to accelerate approval, improve affordability, and help buyers get mortgage ready.



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Now our Buyers Next Step program enables any home buyer to determine their best approach to the best home buyer financing, in light of each buyers unique situation and the many options available.

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