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Jim Bardes,SRES, CAREI & HECM Certified

Owner/Managing Broker

FREE  Existing Home Cash Sale Program for Move Up Buyers

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Now Home Sellers are free to move forward with an all cash offer.​

Our immediate solid cash offer puts you in control and free to move on.

  1. Get a CASH offer on your home. You control the time table and price. 
  2. Choose your close date and recieve your Cash Sale Proceeds. Sell your existing home on the moving schedule that's right for you. You are in complete control.
  3. Receive a FREE home assessmentReceive a fair cost estimate of any necessary upgrades needed to sell your home at full market value. You then have the option to deduct the cost and skip the work.
  4. Professional Consultation. Our licensed service representatives are with you every step of the way so you can have the confidence and peace of mind to focus on your "new life" in your next home.

Exclusive Benefits:

  • Same Day Closing... Our Trade in Service allows you to close simultaneously on both homes  (if you want) to avoid the stress and inconvenience of double moves, double mortgage payments, storage unit hassles and expense.
  • Delayed Move Out... We'll provide a free move out delay so you can enjoy a smooth transition between homes.
  • No Commission... this is a free referral service when you involve Green Tree Realty Solutions in another transaction.