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Now you can finance any home on the market!

With only 10% down, most anyone can finance an affordable home.

Your story begins here...

Private Capital


Attention:  Self Employed Financing Applicants

                     ITIN# Borrowers

                     Frustrated Bank Applicants

                     Small Business Owners

Home Sellers

What can be done when traditional mortgage lenders only say "No"?

... When your qualifications don't fit into the mortgage banker's "box"?

The solution is Private Capital Financing. And it allows many people to buy any home they want with third party financing ... but without involving the banks!

                                                                             Choose from the open market!

                                                                              - Existing Homes

                                                                              - Newly Built Homes

                                                                              - High End or "Affordable"

                                                                              - Any Location in Indiana

The Market Likes It!

"Rather than looking like a loan, it felt more like a partnership. It enabled us to free up some money and to lower our monthly payment. It was very appealing. Taking the time to understand the program, we realized how this is a great fit for us as a family" - TREVOR

" I think it's a good niche product. It obviously meets a need."  - Guy Cecala, CEO of Inside Mortgage Finance

" We're sitting on $6 to $7 million ... I'm going to use that to buy more homes." - Brian Russo, Blackstone Group

Home Buyer

ATTENTION: Frustrated Home Buyers

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We are Real service professionals proving real client solutions!

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