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Get Mortgage Ready - DIY is a professional Home Buyer support program available to help any and all prospective Home Mortgage borrowers enhance their credit qualifications and to get themselves qualified for the best Home Purchase Mortgage or to re-finance an Installment Sale Contract, and thereby lower their interest rate, reduce their monthly payment, and gain better control of their personal finances. With a little coaching, and within a reasonable period of time, prospective home mortgage borrowers will normally find they are able to qualify for permanent, fixed rate home mortgage financing with any bank of their choice.

  • Home Buyer Prospects....  Faced with Mortgage Challenges?
  • Rent-To-Own Candidates:  Need help getting "Mortgage Ready"?
  • Home Rent / Lease Occupants:  Monthly Housing Payments Too High?
  • Mortgage Applicants:  Do The Banks Only Say "No"?

Now help is available ... with guaranteed results! Your Get Mortgage Ready - DIY team will help you qualify for monthly housing payments - as much as 30% lower ... guaranteed!

Our EZ Process:

1.Home Buyer Prospect connects with their Get Mortgage Ready - DIY Representative. Home Buyer Prospect and Mortgage Lender Representative speak by phone, or in person.

2.Mortgage Lender generates a checklist of  "Qualification Remedies" unique to the individual Home Buyer Prospect.

3. Home Buyer Prospect works through their "Qualification Remedies" and responds to supportive coaching input.

4.Home Buyer's credit score and home purchase mortgage qualifications steadily improve.

5.Mortgage Lender verifies the borrower's improvements, and then processes the Home Buyer's mortgage application.

6.Mortgage Loan Pre-Approval is issued. Home Buyer Prospect  becomes a Home Buyer !

Get Mortgage Ready - is a practical Home Buyer support service committed to helping Home Buyer Prospects get "Mortgage Ready" and to qualify themselves for the best available mortgage loan rate and lowest housing payment. Get Mortgage Ready - DIY gives the Home Buyers access to key information, and provides the professional support needed, thus enabling the Prospective Home Buyer to unlock their own home mortgage

purchase potential, and get approved in writing with the mortgage lender of their choice, and/or to qualify for the best Rent-to-Own Programs.

Get Mortgage Ready - DIY'spurpose is to provide prospective Mortgage Funded Home Buyers with a clear outline of what is required for them to qualify for mortgage financing. Now anyone can improve their own credit score and mortgage loan qualifications with a little guidance and support. The program, and support can be free; you provide the motivated follow through.

Please Note:

  1. The Home Mortgage Prospect's only expense is paid to the lender of their choice, for the cost of their initial credit pull.

  2.  The Home Seller  may elect to compensate service representatives - at no expense to Home Buyer Prospect.

  3. Neither Get Mortgage Ready - DIY, or Green Tree Marketing Solutions is a mortgage lender, nor a loan consultant.

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                                                                              Text or Phone (317) 520-3391

We are Real Estate service professionals proving real client solutions!

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