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Problem: Have you ever dreamed about buying another home with

modern design amenities, and are you concerned about being

forced to live in a home that is too big, or with looming maintenance

headaches, a house that no longer suits your physical needs, your budget,

or lifestyle? 

Solution: If you or your spouse are 62 years and better, you now can buy any Move-In-Ready Dream Home you do want without spending all cash, without monthly payments and for approximately half its current price! Imagine yourself moving into a new neighborhood close to friends or family, with walking paths, a clubhouse, and neighbors just like you - and doing this with no more monthly mortgage payments ever!

Introducing the “HECM for Purchase” Program, a powerful FHA approved home purchase funding alternative, superior to traditional mortgages, and better than paying all cash for the purchase of your next home. Now you can buy your Move-In Ready dream home without monthly mortgage payments and without spending all cash - for as little as 40 to 60 cents on the dollar!

At a time when Boomers are trying to protect their nest egg and boost monthly income, if you’ve quietly wanted to move into a newer home that meets your lifestyle plans, then you owe it to yourself to learn more about this FHA insured home purchase funding program.  

Jim Bardes,SRES, CAREI & HECM Certified

Owner/Managing Broker

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Compare These 3 Ways to Pay for Your Next Home

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1. Buy your Move-In-Ready dream home today for as little as 40-60 cents on the dollar!
2. Live affordably with dignity and ease near family and friends.
3. Increase your net retirement income by not having any future mortgage payments.
4. Maximize your personal savings, and avoid jeopardizing your retirement plans.
5. Equally useful with purchase of Newly Built, or Previously Owned homes.
6. Program is FHA-Insured and supported by licensed financial advisors.

Now You Can Buy Your Dream Home

with No Monthly Mortgage Payments!