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In today’s world, financing a real estate purchase may seem like “Mission Impossible”.  When buying or selling your personal residence, or an investment property, how you fund the deal will always be “the key”.  Traditional mortgage financing has become a roadblock for many. Conventional bank underwriting guidelines still in use today deny all but a select few borrowers, thus many home buyers with good income, those who can comfortably afford payments, still cannot obtain a bank mortgage; thus they are locked out of owning their own home. …Is there an answer? 

Yes! The key is in having access to Easy Financing Options to meet individual borrower needs.

Because every borrower’s situation is uniquely different, their mortgage financing options really need to be different also. Some buyers have equity, others bring income, or credit. Some borrowers want a family home of their own, others want to invest. Every seller, every property, every investment opportunity is one-of-a-kind. 

1. Guaranteed low, fixed rate traditional mortgage financing
For well qualified applicants, the very best mortgage rates can be guaranteed! In fact, within our system, one of our lender affiliates guarantees to provide you with the lowest fixed rate of interest for any existing, or newly built home, …or the lender will pay you $100! Furthermore they will guarantee not to delay your closing for any reason. The first thing we recommend is for you to pre-qualify for such a program, if possible.

2. Purchase and Renovate Your Dream Home with One Low Monthly Payment
Ever find a home for your family, or for investment, and think “Gee, It would be perfect …if only …! ”? Or, have you been thinking about buying and fixing up a foreclosure property that is in need of upgrade in order to make it your dream home – just like they do on HGTV?  Well, now you can do that! Today such funding programs are recognized as a terrific opportunity for buyers and sellers to gain instant equity in today’s market. What’s more, sellers can get their home SOLD without paying for needed repairs! Buyers can pick up homes, for a better price, make needed changes, and afford to fix deferred maintenance

at reduced prices, …thus afford to make their personal dreams of home ownership come true!

3.  Opportunities for Affordable Home Ownership
You can proudly make the dream of buying your own home a reality anywhere in Indiana. Responsible ownership programs offer to assist quailed Hoosier's with closing costs, down payment and low interest
fixed rate loans. Lenders across  the state can provide ...

  • Annual tax credits up to $2000 per year for first-time home buyers.
  • Down payment assistance for up to four percent of the payment price.
  • Below market interest rate FHA, and conventional loans.

 4. Private Equity Home Buyer Financing 
What can you do when you’ve tried repeatedly to get bank funding for a real estate purchase, investment opportunity, refinance, or business initiative, and the banks only say “No!”? When your idea doesn’t fit inside the bank’s “box” for conventional underwriting of residential or commercial programs, what can you do? Now there is a solution for any valid real estate purchase …wherever it’s located. The solution is called Private Equity Home Buyer Financing, and it enables many people to finance their purchase without the banks!

5. "Nearly Eligible" Program
Here is a terrific solution for a home mortgage borrower with a previous bankruptcy, foreclosure, or short sale. No seasoning is required on the credit event. Gift funds are acceptable for down payment. ITIN and Self - Employed borrowers are allowed. Competitive rates, most property types allowed.

6. Owner Financing to the Rescue!
As a Home Seller or Buyer, you already realize today's conventional mortgage lending guidelines are very stringent. Consequentially Owner Financing is fast emerging as an attractive solution. For the Home Seller,  Owner Financing with third party loan and escrow servicing will help you to get your price, and sell your property up to 70% more quickly.

7.  Pre-Approval for Financing
Green Tree Solutions, Inc. will help you through the initial process of gathering your financing application  materials, thus we will help you prepare, and pre-qualify for any type of mortgage financing. As soon as you are ready, our service can recommend many lending services, who are able and willing to pre-approve you for home buyer financing. We give you access to your choice of lenders, and you work directly with them.

8. The Get Mortgage Ready program, available through Green Tree Solutions, Inc., called DIYQualify, is a professional initiative to help all prospective borrowers enhance their credit qualifications in order to get themselves qualified to finance a mortgage or re-finance a Contract for Deed. With a little coaching, and within a reasonable time period, prospective home buyers normally find they are able to qualify for traditional bank financing. Thus, they lower their interest rate, reduce their monthly payment, and gain better control, with permanent, fixed rate home mortgage financing.

9. Investor's Line of Credit

Don't let capital restraints hold you back from investing and/or land lording. Now you can negotiate deals with confidence and strength. No more questions of "Can I finance this?". Fund up to 100% of your acquisitions and show POF for all your offers. Short term real estate loans for acquiring and renovating distressed residential properties and funded directly utilizing an efficient and practical underwriting approach that allows deals that banks cannot.

Jim Bardes, SERES, CAREI Certified

Owner/Managing Broker

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