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Sat. January 20, 2018   from 10am - 11:30am

4165 Millersville Road - Business Center

Sponsors:  Grace Bible Christian Church,  Ron Page, Pastor       (317) 289-1510

                    Green Tree Realty Solutions,  Jim Bardes, Broker      (317) 520-3391

We are Real Estate service professionals proving real client solutions!

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Green Tree Solutions
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New Palestine, IN 46163

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 Sat.  January 6, 2018    from 10am - 11:30am

                                                “Home of Your Own” Seminar



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Looking for a Home of Your Own?                                                                    Topics:
- Shopping for a home?                                                                                        1. The Home Buying process A - Z
- Questions about the process?                                                                          2. Getting Funded
- Need to talk with someone who cares?                                                          3. What homes are available / affordable
- Understanding credit and how to qualify                                                       4. Responsible home ownership tips
- New construction, existing homes, re-hab / repair
- Keys to Home ownership





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