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  •  Deeply discounted wholesale properties priced 20-40% below market value!
  •  Great deals on MLS listed homes, and “Off Market” bargains
  •  Investment Mortgage Funding, or Affordable Seller Financing
  •  Affordable Residential Investment Properties with safety assurances
  •  Accurate Professional Data and Licensed Brokerage consultation
  •  Experienced, Hassle-free Services enabling you to locate, evaluate, and safely capitalize

        on the best opportunities

       Jim Bardes, Managing Broker/Investor with Green Tree Solutions, Inc has been solving real

estate related problems professionally since 2001. Over 15 years full time licensed experience with         

residential real estate allows Jim to offer “The Income Property Mart” for investors, “Guaranteed 

Satisfaction”  for Sellers, and a variety of supportive services including “Get Mortgage Ready”,  

Buyer’s Next Step”, “Hard to Sell Homes”, and “My Opportunity Home”.


      Green Tree Solutions, Inc. recognizes that real estate investors often find themselves faced

with unexpected difficulty in today’s competitive and unpredictable investment grade real estate 

marketplace. Your support team at Green Tree Solutions therefore follows the simple guideline,

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” We prefer to anticipate concerns, and

 provide consultative and supportive solutions before many problems occur.



 Our Team
          Diversification is a proven component of successful investing, and Green Tree Solutions is

positioned to “cover every base”.  Our clients benefit from unrestricted access to all our affiliates,

and employee service providers. For example we offer unlimited access to MLS data, and “Off Market”

opportunities for maximum profit potential; professional grade evaluation software and insider expertise for well informed decisions; custom project funding to meet your individual needs; professional renovation contractor services in order to get the job done right; high grade tenant screening and property management services to keep tenants happy, and to protect your financial interests, Established tax, Contract, and Escrow Administrative Management for your peace of mind. With Green Tree Solutions, Inc. “It's Team work that makes the dream work!”


 Affordable, Fixable “Opportunity Homes”
       Every day we review numerous investment grade opportunities. We evaluate the best deals and we post them here until they sell, which usually isn’t a very long time. These are affordable homes with Value Gain Potential. They can be cleaned up, fixed up, and restored to profitability. And, some will be cash flowing, tenant occupied, and under professional management. Most are deeply discounted with instant equity and profit potential as “Fix & Flip” or “Buy & Hold” residential housing investment opportunities.

                                       Example Existing Deals

                                       Potential Future Deals


Risk Management
Professional investors manage investment risk in two ways.

1. “Upside Risk Evaluation” … Knowledge is Power, Green Tree Solutions’ clients

have full access to all the right data when it is needed. SOLD Comps, RENT Comps,

Rehab Cost Estimates, Hold Costs, Re-sale Costs, Management and Marketing Costs

all are included in the due diligence evaluation research included with every opportunity

provided by Green Tree Solutions, Inc.

2. ” Downside Risk”  In order to anticipate, and effectively offset unanticipated

risk, Green Tree Solutions engages a broad scope of hazard and liability insurance

arrangements and service providers, legal and accounting specialists, professional mortgage lenders, home inspectors, title services, tenant screening, and property management services.

 Next Steps
Every great adventure begins with a single step …so let’s get started today!
     First, we need to get acquainted. To properly serve you at Green Tree Solutions, we look for good relationships. If we’re to do good business, Green Tree needs to get to know your expectations, concerns, likes and dislikes. Please tell us more about your background and your investment objectives. We are interested. We want to help you achieve your goals. When we know where you want your real estate investing to take you, we will do our best to help you arrive there safely, and on time.

                         Congratulations on your motivated interest thus far. We hope you enjoy the ride!

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