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Now you can save big money, and open more doors in the process!

Benefits of our "Make It Your Own" Program

  • Access to unlimited inventory of homes for sale
  • Afford the purchase and your changes with one monthly payment*
  • Buy now at a better price. Make improvements affordably
  • Enjoy better locations
  • Start immediately with our "Partnering" program

Problem: Did you ever look at an affordably priced home in a nice area and think "It would be perfect ... if only ...!" Or have you been thinking of improving a neglected home to gain instant equity for you and your family - just like they do on HGTV? Well now you can do that!

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The "Make It Your Own" Program

Finding an affordable home that is right for you can be a

                                                         challenge but Green Tree Realty has the solution!

*Renovation Mortgage Financing:

"Today such funding programs are recognized as a terrific opportunity for buyers and sellers to gain instant equity in today's market. What's more, sellers can get their home SOLD without paying for needed repairs! Buyers can pick up homes, for a better price, make needed changes, and afford to fix deferred maintenance at reduced prices, ...thus afford to make their personal dreams of home ownership come true!"                             

                                                    -Industry Source 2016

Your story begins here...

Solution:   Today the right home buyer financing allows you to turn a "fixer-upper" property into your dream home. Now it's easy to make any home your very own - when you have the right financing!* 

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