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 Our exclusive "Make It Your Own" Program

  • Don't pass up another great opportunity - buy now and Make It Your Own!
  • Access to unlimited inventory of homes for sale
  • Buy now at a better price. Make changes affordably
  • Hassle Free project management to get the job done right, and on time.
  • Professional interior design consultation available.
  • Enjoy better locations, and attractive rates.
  • Finance, and renovate your purchase with one monthly payment*​ 

Problem: Did you ever find a newly built or existing home in a nice area and think "If only ____________...  It would be perfect!" Or have you been thinking of buying and updating a previously owned home in order to gain instant equity for yourself and your family - like they do on HGTV?... Well now you can do that!

We are Real Estate service professionals providing real client solutions!

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The "Make It Your Own" Program

Jim Bardes, SRES, CAREI & HECM Certified

Owner/Managing Broker

​​Finding just the right home can be a challenge butGreen Tree Realtyhas theSolution!

*Renovation Mortgage Financing:

"Today such funding programs are recognized as a terrific opportunity for buyers and sellers to gain instant equity in today's market. What's more, sellers can get their home SOLD without paying for needed repairs! Buyers can pick up homes, for a better price, make needed changes, and afford to fix deferred maintenance at reduced prices, ...thus afford to make their personal dreams of home ownership come true!"    - Industry Source 2016

"We are able to find a property in need of repairs and with the help of Amerifirst create a beautiful home. We greatly appreciate Vince and his team and would highly recommended them to anyone looking to create a dream home on a realistic budget."       - Sincerely, Jonah

"I would do this loan 100 times over, and would highly recommend it to any family or friends. Who doesn't like the thought of personalizing their own home where they plan on spending the rest of their lives?"                   - Cole, 100% Satisfied 203k Loan Customer

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Solution:  Now it's easy to make any home you choose into the home you've imagined - when you use the right financing!*  

Today the "Make It Your Own" program allows you to turn virtually any home for sale into your dream home. 

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