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Now you have affordable access to a fair, objective resident / buyer review service providing qualified background analysis On-The-Spot. Landlords get complete, consistent information. Resident applicants get a summary report they can take with them wherever they apply.

The simple affordable process goes like this...

Home Rental:

1.  Applicants pre-pay $35 online for access to the service and report

2.  Applicant enters factual data online. Typically 10 - 15 minutes.

3.  Completed application is ended online.

4.  Within minutes analysis is completed, and initial reports are available to all parties.

5.  Q & A discussion may be helpful to address and resolve questions or concerns.

Home Purchase:

1.  Applicants pre-pay $50 for Tri-merge Credit Pull and Qualification Remedies List from On-The-Spot... or apply with mortgage lender.

2.  Receive  "Get Ready Time Table" with Remedies List and affiliate or lender support.

3.  Work through the Remedies to Get Mortgage Ready. Possibly Rent-to-Own while working through.

When the review is complete, approved applicants move forward. Landlords and Lenders decide with confidence ... On-The-Spot!

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