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When landlords or sellers who offer Seller Financing are faced with detailed book

keeping, and reporting of income / expenses and the need for periodic tax filing,

the solution is Green Tree Administrative Services, LLC, an experienced and

responsible third party service directly accountable to you, the client.

Now, when help is needed with administration and accounting of lease or installment sale contracts,

real estate owners can receive reliable professional services and responsible escrow management.

                                                  Green Tree Administrative Services, LLC will affordably provide:
                                                    - Tenant payment reports and income projections online
                                                    - Consolidated income and expense reports for multiple rental properties
                                                    - Auditable Seller Financing records, reports and projections

Landlords, when you need instant, easy-decision screening reports in order to

identify the highest quality renters on-the-spot, and quickly convert applicants to

residents, with On-The-Spot Tenant Screening, LLC you can cut the time spent on

attracting and retaining quality renters, and quickly fill vacancies.

Furthermore, when appropriate, your Rent-to-Own Tenants and prospective home buyers of interest can receive guidance and consultation to get mortgage qualified with
GetMortgageReady-DIY. Now under-qualified applicants have a solution. They are shown that they need to do, and how they can do it in order to obtain a purchase money mortgage, and move
forward with the purchase of your home.

Investors, Landlords, and/or Absentee Owners… Are you faced with a need for
Hassle-Free property management services? Do you want clearly qualified rental and Lease/Option tenants who properly maintain the house they are in, pay their rent on time every month, and stay as long as possible -hassle free?

The solution is Real Property Shepherding, LLC. Because we develop and maintain relationships with your tenants on your behalf before there’s a problem – we’re normally able to avoid costly problems. And we are only paid when you are!

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