1)  Purchase Agreement (if not a pre-qualification)

             a.   Addendum to extend closing date if applicable

             b.   Short Sale Approval if applicable

2)  Income

             a.   Borrower's most recent paystubs (within 30 days of closing)

             b.   W-2's 2013 and 2014 or Tax Returns 2013 and 2014

             c.   If self- employed, 24 months personal bank statements to validate income & current P&L 2015  

             d.   Divorce decree or support order for alimony or child support

3)  Letter of Explanation Addressing credit issues (BK, Foreclosure, late/slow pay - paragraph or two)

4)  Completed Federal form W-7 (if no ITIN)

5)   Photo Identification

             a.   Copy of Borrower's Driver's License

             b.   Clearer Copy of Borrower's Driver's License if needed

             c.   Copy of Borrower's Renewed Driver's License (if first copy is expired)

             d.   Visa/ Passport

6)   Cash to Close Verification

             a.   Current Bank Statements (last 30 days)

             b.   Gift Letter if receiving funds from outside sources to bring to closing

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Summary Of Records Needed For Pre-Approval and Financing

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