Solution: Today with Green Tree Solutions’ FREE “Why Denied” program by you can receive help to  find out why you were denied, and as needed, get a second opinion.  As soon as we know the reasoning behind your initial mortgage denial, we can get you back in the saddle, and move you forward with professional assistance to tackle the problem and help you to qualify for that mortgage!

*The Equal Credit Opportunity Act mandates that all lenders and credit providers tell you the reason for your denial.

The fact that a lender has rejected your mortgage loan application does not mean that you are denied home ownership. Green Tree Solutions will take the time together with you, to determine exactly why your loan request was denied, and then do the leg work together with you as needed to accomplish the additional steps and eliminate the cause of that rejection. 

The outline below will help you understand common reasons for loan denials, and the solutions available. 

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  • Review the accuracy of your credit report
  • Review your "credit utilization"                                                    
  • Establish credit history
  • Credit repair programs


  • Full income disclosure
  • Additional applicants
  • Changing circumstances

  • Verify full use of income
  • Down payment options
  • Gift funds, or long term savings
  • Possible seller concessions   
  • Reduce outstanding obligations
  • Lender requirements vary 

  • Re-negotiate sale price with the seller
  • Creative financing arrangements

  • ​Review application for completeness
  • Existing lender recommendations
  • Obtain a second lender’s input

  • ​Utilize “Why Denied” program assistance
  • Review paperwork well ahead with lender

  • Inspect ahead of schedule
  • Negotiate remedies with seller

Problem:  You’re ready to buy a home. You head to the bank and apply for a mortgage pre-approval. But your application is denied. You’re furious and embarrassed at the same time.  …You wonder what went wrong. …Now what?!

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Jim Bardes, SERES, CAREI & HECM Certified

Owner/Managing Broker

1. Credit Related Issues

2. Self Employed, or Job History Concerns

3. Debt-to-Income Ratio

​4. Appraised Value Too Low

​5. Lender’s Underwriting Challenges

6. Paperwork Errors or Additional 

​    Documentation Needed​

7. Problems During Final Walkthrough

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The "Why Denied" program

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