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Consider these Buyer's Agency Services​ included

FREE for every new home buyer client with Green Tree Realty

  • FREE Independent list of "Who's Got What Inventory" a summary list of every Move-In-Ready property with any builder, in any location you choose - showing street address, feature and price available today.
  • FREE Detailed Lifestyle Comparison Reports for any new or existing location: detailed, demographics, and school comparisons.
  • FREE Service Voucher valued up to $500 for any authorized third party Home Buyer or Home Seller service you choose to assist you with: financing costs, design or decorating, inspection/repairs, closing costs, moving expenses, prepaid insurance, professional services, etc.
  • FREE Summary  list of mortgage lenders and funding programs able to meet your financing requirements.  
  • FREE Pre-qualification with your choice of the best available mortgage financing to meet your individual requirements.
  • FREE A summary list of Down Payment Assistance, and Zero Down Financing programs available to save you thousands right up front.
  • FREEExclusive           Self Guided Showcase Home Tour and guaranteed marketing satisfaction with the sale of your  existing home when listed by Green Tree Realty Solutions, Inc.

Buying a house is a very exciting time and one that Newly Built Home Buyers want to get

right. Whether preparing to mortgage finance, or  making all the right choices, making a

mistake when buying your newly built home can lead to unexpected future headaches. 

So how does a new home buyer make sure their best interests are being protected?

Simple, involve in an independent new home buyer's agent. And since an independent 

buyer’s agent will be looking out for the home buyers’ (your) best interest, your agent will 

help ensure that you get the best deal possible. 

Good News! The cost of your Buyer's Agent services is paid indirectly by the builders from their overall marketing budget. Therefore, the cost of an agent is not directly included in the price for any newly built home. And you can expect reliable, objective counsel from the licensed independent professionals at Green Tree Realty Solutions, Inc.

Why Involve A Green Tree Realty Solutions Buyer's Agent When Buying A Newly Built Home?