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  • Property is vacant, and costs are piling up
  • House is in need of repairs, or some serious "TLC"
  • Behind on payments or facing foreclosure
  • Transferring jobs or relocating
  • Need to settle an estate
  • Tired of being a landlord
  • Recently divorced
  • Bought another property and need to sell now

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Need to Know Your

Home Selling Options?

Home Sellers often face unexpected difficulties in today's competitive real estate market. What will you do when a property you are selling has one or more of the issues below?

Sell it Fast for All Cash - with, or without an agent

Sometimes sellers want cash now or prefer not to mess with showings, then waiting around for top dollar. You can move your house quickly if you discount the price sharply.

Sell it promptly via Contract, or with an Option, or a Lease Option

We make pre-arranged payments to you; you continue payments to the bank as needed.

With this arrangement you can sell quickly and get a reasonable price.

Settle with a Short Sale, or sell it to us "Subject to"

We manage the arrangement to shield you from loss, and protect your ownership rights until you

are fully cashed out.

Need to know your home selling options in today's market? Are you faced with selling a home in light of the common problems below?

We are Real Estate service professionals providing real client solutions!

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... Is It Just Time to Move On?

  • Location: Neighborhood is changing, remote or awkward setting
  • Feature: Dated style, odd size or irregular floor plan
  • Condition: Physical damage, deferred maintenance, or a need for serious cleaning due to vacancy
  • Pricing: Need to know today's real market values and how to " Get your price" in spite of limitations?
  • Financing: Need more "Buyers" who are ready, willing and able to finance, and close with you today to avoid mounting risk of foreclosure and expense
  • Promotion: Need for more and better market exposure, effective marketing promotion and professional realtor performance
  • Other: to sell quickly due to Mounting Expense, Risk of foreclosure or Personal issues?

Jim Bardes, SERS, CAREI Certified

Owner/Managing Broker

Let us show you your Home Selling options!

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We are here to help!

Let us show you how what was a problem, can now become a solution.